Korena’s Book Review – 4 Stars for Atlas by Alyne Roberts

Book Review-Atlas


Book Title: Atlas
Author: Alyne Roberts
Genre: Dark-Erotica
Start Read Date: 12/6/2015
End Read Date: 12/7/2015
My Rating: 4 Stars
Review Submitted By:
Korena for A Biblioromance Book Blog



Stella lost everyone and everything important to her. After all the lies and hiding, she’s ready for a fresh start somewhere where her brother’s enemies won’t find her. One last night out turned into her worse nightmare. The morning she should be moving away from all the painful memories, she finds herself a captive by exactly who she was running from.

Atlas is violent, dangerous, and determined to finish what they started and get his revenge. Stella is unknowingly the key to solving the unanswered questions her brother left behind. Taking advantage of their sexual chemistry at the club, he forces her to his lake house. He promised her protection but Stella made a promise of her own: trust no one, especially the man responsible for ruining her life.

What happens when Stella’s life depends on trusting Atlas? What happens when keeping Stella is risking everything he worked for? What if neither one is willing to let go?




(Received ARC in exchange for our honest review.)

Liddy, Stella’s best friend dragged Stella out for Stella’s last night before moving to San Francisco. Reluctantly, Stella goes to have fun and to forget she is looking over her shoulders. Stella was given a drink from a gentleman at the end of the bar that Stella wanted to have one night of fun. Atlas was that man.

Atlas took Stella to his lake house where she was supposed to be killed for information from the killings of her parents. Atlas and Stella have dynamic chemistry. Atlas couldn’t control himself around Stella. Stella was his weakness.



Questions for the Reviewer:
(these are multiple choice answers)

How is the author’s writing?  Great
Is there violence? Graphic Violence
Is there sexual content? Explicit sexual content
How is the story narrated? Alternating persons
How would you describe the plot of this book? Some twists
What best describes the mood? Dark
How would you describe the pace? Steady
How would you describe the characters? Developed


Alyne Roberts

Alyne lives in Ohio with her husband, two dogs and cat. Working full time in an office all day, she spends her nights reading, writing or watching an entire TV series in a night. She refuses to grow up and loves Disney movies and anything with owls. She couldn’t live without her coffee or her furry “children”.
Alyne wrote her first novel titled “Light to the Darkness” in 2014.


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